F-Scan Mobile

Computer Assisted Gait Analysis

While we live in an ever changing technological world, there is still one constant, at least in our office...namely we offer you the very best that the podiatric medical profession is able to do. The "Tekscan, F-Scan Mobile system" is the most advanced in-shoe Computer Assisted Gait Analysis system. The F-Scan Mobile system is a non-invasive test performed by putting thin sensors which contain 960 individual sensing points (sensels) inside the patient’s shoes.

After taking several steps, the plantar pressure is displayed and recorded in real time. If you are an at-risk patient for the development of foot ulcers (diabetic) you now have an easy alternative for early detection. Many dimensional representations of the foot precisely locate and record abnormal gait and pressure distribution. It is particularly helpful for those affected with diabetes, poor circulation, partial amputations, rheumatoid or osteoarthritis and invaluable for runners.

Our running population who experience shin splints, stress fracture and ligament pain, etc. would stand to benefit from an in-shoe gait analysis system performed while they are actually running outside, as would many patients suffering from knee and back pain associated with poor foot function. For those patients who have been with me for a long time know I have always maintained my practice with the newest, most up to date diagnostic tools as they became available and show promise. Now I am excited to offer you the F-Scan Mobile System.